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Not just a pretty interface.

At Tangent UXD, we design and develop clear, efficient, user-friendly interfaces for a range of applications. We know that designing user interfaces (UI) means much more than just dressing up an app with graphics. An effective interface is intuitive. It is efficient. It communicates clearly and is easy to use and understand.

A well-designed user experience (UX) increases productivity.  It sells your software in the board room and through word-of-mouth. It is elegant and pleasing to view and work with.

These qualities define the difference between intuitive, elegant, efficient User Experience (UX) design and just another pretty interface.

Whether you’re developing a mobile application, a web application or a full software suite, we work with you and your end users to develop a UXD that solves problems, makes connections and is strategically designed to increase productivity.

We rely on Tangent UXD, because they get it. Anyone can make pretty graphics.  Tangent solves problems and finds efficiencies we hadn’t thought of.”


Our strategy is simple: Make the user’s life easier.  It’s about the user’s experience (UX). Find the connections, solve the problems, come up with the solutions that make the job easier and the user more efficient and productive.


Intuitive, effective UXD is not just about graphics. It’s about clean, effective, elegant design that gets the job done better, faster, and more accurately.  We find the solutions that improve workflow.


Whether you need efficient, user-friendly interfaces for an entire enterprise or intuitive touch-pad capabilities for tablets or smartphones, we design solutions that bring out the genius in your software.

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Our Team

Our team of talented designers, developers and programmers is ready to deliver the solutions that will make end users delighted to use your software.

Our clean, elegant and spare approach to user experience (UX) design finds connections, functions and capabilities that add substantial value, appeal and ease of use. We understand and care about the user experience, and we know how to make an interface not only more attractive but more efficient, effective and productive.


The flexibility of the Tangent UXD team enabled them to meet and exceed our expectations as our specs kept changing and expanding.”

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The folks at Tangent understand that the process is iterative. They help us sharpen our thinking, and the product is better for it.”